Good idea!! A Gift Certificate for a personal 3D Figure!

Would you like to give something very special that no one has? Give a gift certificate for a personal 3D portrait figure. The surprise will be a big success, you will see how much joy you have given! The person who has received the gift certificate can come to one of our PocketSize Me studios at their convenience to have their own personal figure made according to their wishes.

Please fill out the form and send your order in. In a few days you will receive the desired gift certificate along with the invoice. The prices listed on the form are inclusive of VAT.

Really good idea: I'll order one!

A neat gift certificate that you can hand over to the person receiving the present. The voucher is valid for one year and entitles the person to have one 3D figure made in the size you specified in our studios.

Desired size of 3D Portrait Figure*
Gift Certificate and invoice will be sent to the following address: