For you a decision, for us high technology and craftsmanship - and then: your 3D figure, for life!

1. Book your appointment
It's quick and easy. Make your appointment for yourself, for your family or for each desired group. Using our reservations tool allows you to book your appointment on-line. 

2. Scanning in the studio
The scanning process is similar to photography in the early days. The collection takes a few minutes, the person being scanned has to stand still and not move. Details about scanning, see our FAQs.

3. Post-scan
The completed scanning process produces a figure of millions of polygons (ie a grid). We then finish this rough draft using several software programs so that the sculpture is printable.

4. 3D printing
The figure is formed by a high-performance printer in many stages, layer by layer (mixture of plaster, vinyl, polymers, ceramics) modulated and coated with the texture color. This process takes between 50 to several hours, depending on the size of the figure. The drying takes additionally at least 90 minutes.

5. Manually Exposing the Figure
The finished printed 3D figure is now dried in a bed of loose composite material. It must be carefully separated (excavated) and exposed. 

6. Remove material
The figure is at this stage still very vulnerable and is treated very cautiously: With brushes and compressed air it is freed of excess material.

7. Detail work & Finish
The tools for the removal of the loose composite are extremely delicate and fine. The figure is freed of all loose particles and reworked lovingly by hand.

8. Curing
The cleaned and still very fragile figure is now ready for final processing. It is cured in the next step with superglue. Now it is resistant and the colors shine with vitality. The figure is completed after the curing process (approx. 1 week) and ready for presentation.

9. Pick up figure
Your personal 3D figure is waiting for you, We will send it to you by mail, or you pick it up at our studio - just as you wish.

10. You and your figurine
With your sculpture you have stopped time and created a very personal piece of history. Your figurine represents you and your personality - not only for the moment, but most of all for a lifetime. It's truly a unique treasure for you, for your family, for your friends and for generations to come.

See also the video on 20 minutes on-line on the topic.