We are available for the Media

We are happy to deliver any requested  information or materials to: Television, Radio, Web- and Printmedia.

What can we do for you?

- A demonstration of our 3D-Figure-Technology in one of our scan studios?

- An interiew?

- Basic information regarding the topic of 3D-Figures?

- Or something completely different?

Send us your message, we will answer as soon as possible!

Printable Pictures for Media to Download

The pre-print pictures show you the clear and printable subjects which we have available for you as TIFF-Data to download. The pictures can be used only for the media in form of reports or feature articles over PocketSize Me - please always give the source. All copyrights and use of any materials are reserved by Ulrike Kiese at PocketSize Me AG.

Do you need other data or subjects? We are available and would gladly send you the material.

File TIFF 21.2 MB | Download

File TIFF 15.7 MB | Download

File TIFF 19.6 MB | Download

File TIFF 23.7 MB | Download

File TIFF 24.9 MB | Download

File TIFF 28.8 MB | Download

File TIFF 13.5 MB | Download

File TIFF 17.2 MB | Download

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