Pocket Size Me new Puls 5 in Zurich

Conveniently located in the vibrant district of Zurich West, easily accessible from all directions , with the flair of impressive foundry hall Puls 5 : The new location for your personal 3D figure and another scan studio for our customers.

28 February 2014 | Opening Scan Studio Zurich - West Puls 5 

Pocket Size Me customers have the choice: would you like to be scanned for your personal 3D figure in Aargau or in Zurich? With the opening of the new scanning Studios in the foundry hall Puls 5 in Zurich, our customers have an additional site available - with all the developed services; Situated in the vibrant district of Zurich West . Visit us in the inspiring Giessereihalle. Enjoy an environment that blends comfort, modern setting and the past to a convincing symbiosis.

Coordinates and directions to our Scan Studios , click here.

Your 3D scan in Aargau or Puls 5 Zurich -West: book your desired date directly online.

Pocket Size Me on Maverick - Day

Anyone who  dares to think laterally, outside the daily norms, comes to different conclusions. Success has many roots. Our concept and our business model for 3D figures originated this way. We are therefore gladly taking part in this event on March 14, 2014, in the "Volkshaus" Zurich. 

14 March 2014 | Lateral thinking with inspiration and inovation

Karem Albash is there to combine opposites logically, to make complicated ideas more transparent, to bring  soul-searching messages  to the point. Best-selling author and business expert Hermann Scherer is there with two inspiring presentations , two units which provide a wealth of new approaches.

Also on board Christian Belter , Michelle Carpenter and Stuart Goodman. In anyy case, an exciting day full of inspiration for self-employed entrepreneurs, managers, visionaries, and people who see opportunities and use them.

And you ? Are you in the process of exploring potentials and breaking new ground?

All details of the Maverick - Day can be found here.