Your personal 3D Figure: Questions & Answers

Do you have questions about PocketSizeMe and our 3D portrait figures? We will leave no question unanswered, Firstly, in our FAQs, right here. Secondly, we are happy to answer all your questions in our studio. And thirdly: Send us an email if your question remains open, we will get back to you. 

3D figure, Mini-Me, Mini-Me: What is the correct name of the 3D characters?

  • 3D Figure
  • 3D Portrait Figure
  • 3D Portrait in miniature format
  • 3D Miniature figurine
  • 3D Mini-Me
  • 3D Mini-Myself
  • 3D Age-Ego
  • 3D Soulmate
  • 3D Clone

All the terms are correct. The differences are found in the quality and in the method of production. In PocketSize Me you are sure that your personal 3D figure is carefully prepared and of prime quality.

Why should I have a 3D figure of me created?

The motives of our customers are very different:

Personal piece of history
Your own 3D character has something very touching, for oneself and for others. It stops time and meets itself - just as you looked on that special day.

Give an image of yourself away
Your partner will be delighted not only to have a photo, but also a new life-like figure of you on his/her desk.

A great gift idea
Do you know people who are hard to find gifts for? Give something special that no one has yet: a gift certificate for a personal 3D portrait figure. This gift appeals, guaranteed!

Story of a family
The family as a group picture on a particular day, or just now. Not only as an image, but as a real group, with 3D characters frozen in time forever.

Composition of a group
The management of a company, the members of a political commission, the successful team, the club, the staff - a group of real-life figures, more than a photo. It's a real, imperishable historical document.

Before and After
People change and have the desire to hold onto the before and the after. Not merely as a photo, but as a figure, a three-dimensional sculpture. For example, in case of pregnancy, weight changes, changes in lifestyle, whatever is planned.  

Growth of children
Just as the development of children is captured in photos and videos, phases and stages with 3D figures can be documented. In the figures the changes are more impressive and dramatic because one figure next to the other makes the development and changes more obvious.

These are just some of the motives why a person has a sculpture of himself made. What motives do you have?

Why do I have to come to your studio to scan?

Your three-dimensional figure can only be made lifelike if the "template" is true to life. The original is you! We therefore do not shoot photos of you in the studio, we scan you. This means that your figure, the original, is three-dimensionally recorded. Thus, the little 3D figure which we create corresponds in all the details to the large original.

Can't I just send you a good photo of me?

Unfortunately not! A photograph is a two dimensional figure. But your figurine which we produce for you is three-dimensional - all the way around, an image and a 3D sculpture from the original, from you. Therefore, a photo is not enough, we need you, the original, so your  figurine will look exactly like you, in all detail - only smaller.

How long does it take to make a scan of me?

Plan to be in our studio for 30 minutes. We will then have plenty of time to discuss the planned figure and prepare the scan for it.

The scanning process itself only takes a few minutes.

Dress and hairstyle - what should I look like when I come to your studio?

Avoid transparency
Anything that is transparent cannot be detected by the scanner. For instance, glasses, sunglasses, wigs (synthetic hair), artificial leather, patent leather shoes, "bling bling" (rhinestones, shiny jewelry) and reflective surfaces.  

Therefore, please refrain from shiny and reflective things - let your natural self be the focus of your figurine.

On the subject of glasses: If your glasses are an important part of your type and your personality, they can be detected in an extra scan. We will tell you how much the extra charge will be before the scan.

Hair and hairstyle
Unfortunately, hair is also transparent. Your hair, however, will be especially prepared before the scan so that the scanner can detect the hairstyle. This means we may have to touch-up hair or we might have to slightly change your hairstyle. 

Good and easy: short hairstyles up to shoulder length (pageboy) can be scanned with no problems. 

Difficult and to avoid: blow dried hair,(wind-blown look) long open hair, lion's mane look, hair lacquer, shiny hair gel. 

Styling in the studio: For styling your hair in the studio, we provide hair styling products. Long hair has to be tied together in a ponytail or bun for example. 

Hats and Caps: Either works well. We ask you just in case, to bring your favorite hat, cap, scarf, etc, with you.

Casual works best, for example, jeans, T-shirt or sweatshirt. 

Easy: suit, uniform, workwear.

Also good: skirts, made of solid, tightly woven material.

Please avoid: ruffles, thin and transparent fabric. Monochrome and poorly textured garments such as a tuxedo with a white ruffled shirt. In general, any outfit without contrasts, for example, black top, black pants, black boots.

Nude models
No problem without clothes or in sexy underwear. Please note this when you register so that we can prepare the studio accordingly. (to ensure privacy).

Can any person be scanned or are there restrictions?

Fundamentally, any person can be scanned. However, the prerequisite is that you are able to stand a few minutes absolutely quiet. 

Can we book as a family or group?

Yes, of course! Please enter the number of people in the reservation tool. The system automatically proposes only  dates which give us enough time so that all the people can be scanned without any stress or rush.

Are you a group of more than 6 people? No problem, please send us a message so that we can set the date for the appointment by phone with you. 

How can I book an appointment and where do I go to be scanned?

Your appointment can be booked directly on-line with the reservation tool where you can choose which studio you wish to go to.

How to find the way to the studio; you can see here. You can view the route from your home to us. You can have the program show you the best way..

How big is the 3D figure that you make of me?

You have the choice and can opt for one of three fixed sizes.

  • 10 centimeters in height
  • 15 centimeters in height
  • 20 centimeters in height

Or choose the option 10% of my body size. This option is recommended for families and groups that want to preserve the natural size differences.

Are special compositions possible?

Yes, special figures or compositions are possible. For example, a mother with her child in her arms. Also people with objects or a couple in embrace. You can see some examples here. There are many possibilities, the process of actually doing them can be rather complex. 

For this reason, it is important for us to plan and discuss your special wishes and ideas with you. We can then make you an offer. Share your visions with us!

How are the 3D figures made?

After scanning, your figurine is produced in a complex and multi-step process. High-tech plays an important role, but loving handwork is just as important. Details can be found here.

What about the delivery time?

The making of your 3D figure takes time because a lot of manual work and several processes are required.

Please allow a production and delivery time of two to four weeks.

And the prices?

Prices are calculated fairly and include all services involved in scanning and producing your figurine. Details of prices can be found here.

Are there discounts for families and groups?

Each figure is an original. It is not the case that time is saved by making more than one figure. The scanning and production processes remain the same and time investment is also the same. Therefore, we cannot give family or group discounts. 

We can give quantity discounts: If you want several copies of the same figure, the prices of the addiitional figures, that is to say, from the second figure on, are significantly lower as we can reuse the original scan. See details here.

Are the finished figurines fragile?

The final figures are hardened and robust - but not unbreakable. Therefore, a cautious approach is recommended. The figures are not suitable as toys for children. They are meant to display, present and hold in your hands with loving care. 

The figures are not suitable as toys for children. They are meant to display, present, hold in your hands and admire!

Can I use my existing figurine to have copies made?

Yes, this is possible at any time. We archive your scan and can reproduce your figurine on request, at a reduced price because the scan is not necessary. 

The same applies if you want to make multiple copies of your 3D figure, for example, if you want to give some copies away. Details of multiple production can be found here.

Are there special offers for companies and institutions?

For very large groups, such as the management of a large company or the entire staff of a medium-sized company, we offer special solutions. 

For example: We bring our equipment to you and scan all the people on site, according to a time schedule. Another idea: we create special situations, scanning people with objects or other ideas that would be representative of your group.

Please send us a message so we can discuss your project and your specific needs. 

Are there displays or display cases to protect the figures and to present them?

Yes, we have an assortment of small showcases and revolving plates. We would gladly show you various models in our studio.

Do you have Gift Certificates?

Yes, you can order gift certificates here. The person getting the gift can use this coupon to customize their own personal 3D figure in our studios. A great gift idea, one that will certainly be a success!