The quality at the forefront

This is about the most important part of your life: You!

That's why only the best is good enough! For us that means incentive and commitment, not just to deliver a good result, but to deliver the perfect image of you. We owe it to you, you owe it to yourself. We take the time for you. Together we can create the personal 3D portrait figure that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment!

Pocket Size Me - the pioneer of the first hour

We were the first to bring the idea of the three-dimensional portrait figures to Switzerland. We have used this head start in order to refine the technique to produce results at the highest possible level.
Pocket Size Me uses its own, proprietary processes that create clear differences in quality.

Our Philosophy

We focus on high-quality and first-class results. We know from experience that our customers pay close attetion to detail and expect and deserve only the best. The three-dinensional image of your self should represent, convince and touch you.  After all, you are investing time, as we are - and the common effort should be rewarded,  in the form of the perfect 3D figure, the image of your personality, uniquely different - a modern and imperishable form of your own personal history.

High technology and craftsmanship

The scanning process in our studio takes no longer than a quarter of an hour of your time. After that the real work begins for us. Each scan is reworked in detail exactly according to our self-developed technique and optimized several times. The optimized data are read into a high-performance 3D printer, modulated layer by layer thus producing a figure. Following this process, we invest a lot of time and effort into the manual post-processing of the printed figure. This is done to ensure that your personal portrait figure truly portrays you in every detail.

Due to the precise processing we do not offer quick service. We will make your miniature figurine with meticulous care and maintain the quality down to the last detail. The differences will be clear in the result. When you hold your own portrait figure in your hands you will agree with us: the effort was worth it! Two to four weeks for delivery are not just waiting time but an investment in the quality that you deserve!

Quick and cheap or reasonably priced and perfect?

The prices of PocketSize Me are fairly calculated. A look at the products from quick-service providers with machine-produced output through and through makes the differences clear and underlines our credo emphatically.
We need time, take time to focus on high technology and craftsmanship to the finish, thus creating differences in the minimum price, maximum in the result. Why should you settle for less?

See you soon in our studio

Take a look at some examples of our reproduction or see how we work. And then, if you like, book your appointment with us. We look forward to meeting you!